Saturday, November 5, 2011

Douglas Chey, HP - Formerly of Sony, acts like he KNOWS nothing of iViewit - yet Seemed to be VERY Involved.

"When Eliot one of the true inventors becomes aware of several of these accounts and confronts Mr. Ugley during a lunch meeting in California and informs him that he will be the CEO as he has been claiming and must in fact retire,

Mr. Utley threatens to tear this company down brick by brick with Chris Wheeler and Michael Reale and leave iViewit Bankrupt and that I better watch my step when returning to FL (which I never have again even though my mother has been recovering from lung cancer) and I have since feared for my life, rarely allowing the wife and kids to leave as well.

Eliot notifies many friends of the threats and allegations and Eliot moves into a hotel and several weeks later with no home, flies wife (who packs house by herself scarred for us) and grabs kids to hotel in CA for safety.

She really hates me as I will not even come home for our son’s planned 30 people B-Day party and make her cancel and travel instead. I did not even get to say goodbye to my sick mom, my father, nieces, nephews, friends or employees, this is scarred shitless and with the release of such document I now fear the most for I think they sat rest assured that they had crushed my life to pieces, and yes dear reader, I am obliterated, annihilated, tattered, shattered and battered.

My wife and children too and this is when we should be celebrating the birth of such wonderful concepts and the world’s acceptance of them.

People think we are a bit nuts when we tell them what is going on, but now that people see that this is really what is going on here, the constant harassment of my life, my family, my companies, they are concerned for us based on the evidence and the power of the people against lil ole us. They have my company already filed into bankruptcy (the guy’s stealing the patents, perhaps a briefcase of cash, and my attorney his best friend), they are caught at the apex of completing patent theft on a grand scale, they are the only ones filing all this stuff against us, they have fruaded and misrepresented to the United states Patent and Trademark office, I fear but my life is but a bullet away. I have children too and as I mentioned it appears that they are capable of quit a bit.

Another thing is that since Utley threatened that they would destroy me, they have succeeded, by filing a fraudulent involuntary bk against the company (Utley Reale RYJO and Hersh),

I could not afford to fight, because at that moment our secured lender who was running the Company with our management, you guessed it a friend and introduction of Chris Wheeler, Crossbow Vultures (Hank Powell, Steve Warner, and Dr. (not sure where this degree comes from) RenĂ© P. Eichenberger stop funding the Company after hearing that the technology is on hardware, like camera’s and dvd’s and that 4-6 patents look good, and that digital downloads will use etc.

Remember I am not sure if they Crossbow Ventures are acting independently or as a good-guy bad-guy tag team with Proskauer Rose, but they tell me they are putting in place Aidan Foley (Ex-CEO Kodak Cinesite) and Lawrence Modragon of no particular fame, to meet with the AOLTW Venture Fund that we have been working with for @2years, and, just as we land the account and are designing a pre-paid royalty stream with the WB group, after Hank and Maurice meet with Sony & WB who tell them that I View It’s technologies will be the backbone of 5 studios digital download project that Doug Chey of Sony is handling with his ex-employer WB friends;

John Calkins, Chris Cookson, Greg Thagard, Chuck Dages & David Colter, and then pull the plug in deceit and have been trying to kill the company and its relationships ever since.

We are signing deal with WB and moving into licensing negotiations with both Sony, WB, Viacom and MGM, all under NDA’s, when Crossbow Ventures decides to pull the plug on the Company by stopping funds for two months of funding after they had told all management it was done, and then they OK’d flying management out to meet with them in Boca on an all first class ticket for mssrs. Aidan Foley and Lawrence Mondragon.

After Aidan met with Crossbow he called and said everything was great and he was on his way to NY to meet with some Crossbow Ventures friends and stay in a suite at the Palace. This all occurs being ok’d by Hank that the money was being transferred. Aidan, then all kicked back and comfy at the Palace calls to tell me that Crossbow Ventures pulled the plug (see exhibit below).

They had just finished collateralizing the asset with secured debt which they told the board which they were a part of that they were to protect us against threatened actions from Utley and Wheeler, which later become realities.

Crossbow Ventures while selling the secured loans to the board claim that they would never steal the IP and call my father, on tape mind you, a nut for thinking such.

I quote Hank Powell at the Board days before he resigns, “Si, it’s not a Machiavellian plot to steal your technologies.” And the ink had barely dried before they pulled the plug and are now claiming that they own the patents, since they have sent notice of assignment with the patent office. I would say this shows clearly a Machiavellian plot to steal the IP."

Source Of Doug Chey - iViewit Technologies Post and Full Document

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